The classic song PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON so loved by billions of bikers all around the world has been given the rock treatment by James Marshall Black.

    This incredible version is available from iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, and all good download stores. Also, be sure to search 'James Marshall Black' on SPOTIFY.

    A big thank you to 'Thanks For Watching' for putting together the awesome animation of the flying dragon. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mswcw...

    I Love To Boogie

    I Love To Boogie

    Words and music by Marc Bolan

    I Love To Boogie, originally recorded by the outrageous Marc Bolan now covered by that black hole dancer himself:  JAMES MARSHALL BLACK.

    A rocking punching version, a no holds barred power pumping boogie riffing slice of pure unadulterted simple rock n roll.

    If you wanna buy your copy you'll find it by searching Amazon, iTunes and all good online record stores.

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    Joey Ramone

    Joey Ramone

    Words and music by James Marshall Black

    The song 'Joey Ramone' put to a collage of images by Kimmi Ramone (watch out for the amazing drawing of Joey by Kimmi).

    The song was written as a tribute to the brilliant Joey Ramone of which James Marshall Black is a big fan.

    "This is a great tribute to Joey by my dear friend James. Some great photos were provided by Joey's close friends Roger, Nancy, Shira B. Wild, and Sweet Jane."  Kimmi Ramone

    Kimmi's YouTube channel:

    Albion Girl

    Albion Girl: Words and Music by James Marshall Black.

    This song is not yet available to buy anywhere in the world.

    A beautiful acoustic track written by one of the worlds greatest every song writers which tells the story of an ancient Briton's love for his ancient Briton girl set during the time of when the barbarian Roman scum invaded the sceptered magical isle of Albion, now known as Britain.
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