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    PUFF THE MAGIC DRAGON by James Marshall Black

    James Marshall Black has recorded his version of Puff The Magic Dragon.  We asked James what was the inspiration:  'I've just always loved the song and I thought I'd like to record it in a way that really does make the listener feel as though the story is being told from riding on the back of a flying dragon'

    This track is great, it's fun, it's ballsy, and it captures all the sentiment and more of the original.  You really can hear Puff soaring when you listen to this rendition of one of the greatest children's songs ever written.

    Puff the Magic Dragon, the iconic favourite of generations composed by Petter Yarrow and Leonard Lipton covered by James Marshall Black as a single and released through CDBaby (published by BMG Publishing).


    STOLEN BOLAN ALBUM ( A ruby tribute to the late great MARC BOLAN)

    This offering is a compilation album consisting of a number of artists presenting no less than 21 songs. Two of the tracks are James Marshall Black songs, where I'm sure you will agree the songs are clearly influenced by the style of Marc Bolan, which is in fact the theme of the album....to show the artists' T.Rex influence in their work.

    This album is a tribute to the late great Marc Bolan of T.Rex.  All the artists have given their work free of charge in order to raise money for charity, namely The Marc Bolan School of Music.

    Track List

      Track Artist
    1 Changeless Angel Jo Mummery
    2 Beryl Boogie's Bongo Beat Marc Hartley
    3 Stolen Days James Marshall Black
    4 Elemental B-Side
    5 My Little Baby Marc Hartley
    6 Jokes Baby Scream
    7 Rock On, John Raag
    8 Monkey Nut James Marshall Black
    9 When I Talk About You Peter Maurice
    10 Mr Feld Form-B
    11 Martyr In Me This Riot Elite
    12 Warlock Of Love Dene Rosewarn
    13 Matthew Marc King Ralph
    14 Drag (The Road) Automatic Shoes
    15 Lorraine's Calling Etc
    16 Hey Jo Dave Bremner
    17 I Never Said I'm Sorry Earthprayer
    18 Vacant Star Hybrid Vine
    19 The Price Huzzie
    20 There Can Be Only You Natasha Horton-Key
    21 Lime Street Blues Butch Butcher

    STOLEN BOLAN (A Ruby Tribute) Available on CD and download from CDBABY.COM, Amazon, and iTunes.

    Two James Marshall Black tracks, Stolen Days and Monkey Nut appear on the amazing album 'Stolen Bolan (A Ruby Tribute)'.

    Stolen Bolan (A Ruby Tribute) is a compilation LP of artists who have recorded their own compositions inspired by T.Rex's Marc Bolan, to mark the 40th anniversary of his death and (what would have been) his 70th birthday.



    Also available through iTunes.  Search 'Stolen Bolan'

    The Marc Bolan School Of Music

    The Light Of Love Foundation UK, wants, as Marc Bolan did, to inspire children, to give them the chance to learn to play musical instruments, to write, to compose, to produce records and to be heard by the world. To achieve this they are building a music school for the children of Sierra Leone, West Africa, in the town of Makeni. Please help them to make this happen.  The Light Of Love Foundation UK wants to see the hearts and minds of these children filled with creativity and excitement, with plans and dreams and a deep faith in their own realised ability.

    "I want to give every child the chance to dance"  Marc Bolan

    Stolen Bolan (A Ruby Tribute) Released through
    Just One More Thing Records

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