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    Ulrike Schultz

    Ulrike Schultz

    Ulrike Schultz, from Hamburg, Germany, is a passionate artist.  Ulrike's style is full of energy and character, she has a style of her own which could be described as alternative and wild, beautiful and brave.

    "I paint and write poems.  I like to go to art museums"
    Ulrike Schultz

    Ulrike lists as her influences and idols: Picasso; Dali; Ernst Ludwig Kirchner; Egon Schiele; Marc Chagall; Gustav Klimt; Paul Stanley (Kiss) and Ronnie Wood (Rolling Stones)

    Worn by love she floated away.
    On its wings
    So saying the angel
    And schwubs
    he Floated as towards
    © Poem by Ulrike Schultz 02/25/2013



    Kimmi Ramone

    Kimmi Ramone (AKA Kim Kelsey)

    Kimmi Ramone is talent personified.  Take the time to look at Kimmi's art, and be awestruck.  Her style is crisp yet soft, and whilst each piece is packed with detail it's not stiff, but rather alive and breathing.  Amazingly Kimmi creates her masterpieces primarily using pencils.

    However, there is more to Kimmi than being a talented artist, she is also a founding member of the charity Rock To Cure Cancer.

    Kimmi is a person of passion and a thinker, and this shows in her art and in her work. 

    Kimmi Ramone




    Just one more link on Kimmi's profile here, and that is her fund raising page toward her fight against cancer.... check it out!!

    Click here:  ROCK TO CURE CANCER

    Sylvianna Klaassen

    Sylvianna Klaassen

    Sylvianna Klaassen demonstrates in her work a wisdom and an understanding of the universe that can only be gained by living and observing every thing that a life can experience.  Sylvianna's work is passionate and adventurous and filled with an honesty that draws the viewer right in.  In Sylvianna's case every picture really does tell a story.

    In Sylvianna's own words on the materials she uses to create her pieces:

    "...Oil mainly but sometimes everything from HB pencils, charcoal, water colours to applying make up from my bag."

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