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    Bob Dylan The Judas?

    Once again, the unbelievable song writing ability of James Marshall Black is proven in this open, biting attack on one of the biggest morons ever to attend a Bob Dylan concert.

    The gloves are off, and James goes for the jugular of the cretin who called 'Judas' at Dylan's concert back in 1966.
    BOB DYLAN:  The burning question...was he a Judas?  Well, the guy who called out 'Judas'  clearly had no idea who Judas was:

    Check this out, it's the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth:

    The idiot is told it like it is.
    Dead Or Alive by Rick Page. Produced and recorded by James Marshall Black.

    A slightly surreal approach to bringing justice to a town of disrepute !

    Music composed by James Marshall Black
    Lyric by Rick Page

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